Humanitec extension reference

Reference documentation for the Humanitec extension.

The humanitec.score.yaml is an extension file that contains the following top-level reference definitions.

Use these definitions to supports a set of extra definitions for the score-humanitec tool.

Extension properties

apiVersion: [string]

profile: [string]
  [string]: Object

  [string]: Object

apiVersion: the declared Score Specification version.

  • Valid options:

profile: describes a custom Workload profile name.

  • Defaults: humanitec/default-module
  • Examples: humanitec/default-cronjob | my-org/frontend-service

spec: specifies a map of features to inject into the final Workload module.

  • key: specifies a JSON path, relative to the spec section root.

  • value: specifies an object to be injected, which replaces any existent content of the node at the path specified by the key.

resources: specifies a map of the Workload resource specifications.

Note: All valid patterns in features objects string properties and string values are parsed and substituted following the same rules as substitution patterns used for the main Score spec.

Extension example

The following example would help score-humanitec add proper routes to the Deployment Delta, so that the service is available to the outside world.

profile: "humanitec/default-module"
    "": "${resources.env.DATADOG_ENV}"
            type: prefix
            port: 80
    scope: external
    scope: shared