Override a property through the CLI

Override properties with the CLI.

You can use inline arguments to override declared values in your Score configuration file.

This is an alternative approach to using a overrides.score.yaml file.


There might be times in which you need to override the declared value in your Score configuration file, without directly modifying the file. For example, you might want to override the value for your container name.

With Score, you can override the declared values in your command line arguments with the --property flag.

Override a property

Use the --property flag and specify the path to the property and the new value.

For example, the following looks for the containers.my-service.image property and overrides the default image name with a value of python3.

score-compose run -f score.yaml --property containers.my-service.image=python3

Remove a property

Set the path of the property to an empty value to remove the property.

score-compose run -f score.yaml --property metadata.my-service=

For more information, see the Score CLI reference.

Substitute a property

Use the --property flag to specify a placeholder substitution in resource references section.