• Configuration management Link to concept page

    Configuration management is the difference between how your local environment and remote environments are defined.

  • Configuration management tool Link to concept page

    Score doesn’t specify any dns or route attribute values in the specification file.

    Those values may change based on the target environment, like testing, integration, or production

    For example, route table management is a configuration management task and Score isn’t a configuration management tool.

  • Deployment Delta Link to concept page

    A Deployment Delta describes the changes that must be applied to one Deployment Set to generate another Deployment Set. Deployment Deltas are the only way to create new Deployment Sets.

    Deployment Deltas can be created fully formed or combined through a PATCH method. They can also be generated from the difference between two Deployment Sets.

  • An Environment is a space where an instance of an Application can be deployed. It consists of a Kubernetes namespace and any shared Resources (as configured by relevant matching criteria).

  • Environment variables Link to concept page

    Environment-specific configuration allows the Score Specification file to be combined with variables to run Workloads in the target environment.

  • The resource section describes a Workload’s dependencies.

    This mechanism can be used to spin-up multi-service setups with docker compose.

  • Score implementation (CLI) Link to concept page

    The Score implementation (CLI) is the tooling used to convert the Score Specification into the target platform configuration file of your choice.

  • Score Specification Link to concept page

    The Score Specification provides a developer-centric and platform-agnostic Workload specification to improve developer productivity and experience. It eliminates configuration management between environments.

  • A Workload is a deployable application made up of one or more containers that runs in the same context and share resources, dependencies and networks.

  • Workload specification Link to concept page

    A Workload Specification file, or Workload Spec, is a single Workload specification file.