Score overview

Score provides a developer-centric and platform-agnostic Workload specification to improve developer productivity and experience. Score eliminates configuration management between local and remote environments.

Develop your Score Spec

To compose a Score Specification file, you’ll do the following:

  • Scope: identify containers, resources, and services needed for your infrastructure.
  • Compose: compose your resources into the Score Specification file.
  • Transform: transform your Score Specification file to the Platform of your choice.

Getting started

To get started, you’ll want to:

Beyond the getting started section, you can learn more about Score and how to implement it into your own workflows.


Learn about Score, the Score implementation (CLI), and how to eliminate configuration mismanagement.

Get started with Score


This section covers some concepts that are important to understand for day to day Score usage and operation.

Define environment variables

This section describes how to define environment variables.

Add an override configuration

Use overrides as a method of sharing common configurations across environments.

Resource Annotations

This section covers resource annotations, which are used to provide additional metadata for resources.

Set dependent Workloads

Describes how to set Workloads that are dependent on additional resources.

Manage extension files

Manage routes as resources, in your Humanitec applications.


Learn how to use Score with these tutorials.


Reference docs for the Score Specification and Score Implementation (CLI).