Specify configuration overrides

How to define overrides for your Score specification with score-compose

An override is a way for you to customize or modify certain aspects of the score.yaml file. With score-compose can be achieved using either:

Overrides file

If an overrides.score.yaml file is found, the score-compose CLI applies overrides on the output. This occurs whether a flag is provided or not.

How to override a command

To override the defaults declared in your score.yaml file, create a overrides.score.yaml file and declare your overrides.

1. Create a score.yaml file.

apiVersion: score.dev/v1b1
  name: run-python-app

    image: python3
      - python
      - --version

2. Create an overrides.score.yaml file and declare an override.

      - python
      - --help

3. Run the following command to override the default arguments with the contents of the overrides.score.yaml file.

score-compose generate score.yaml --overrides-file overrides.score.yaml

For more information please refer to the score-compose examples library.

Overrides CLI flag

You can override the declared values in your command line arguments with the --override-property flag. This is an alternative approach to using a overrides.score.yaml file.

How to override a property

Use the --override-property flag and specify the path to the property and the new value.

For example, the following looks for the containers.my-service.image property and overrides the default image name with a value of python3.

score-compose run -f score.yaml --override-property containers.my-service.image=python3

How to remove a property

Set the path of the property to an empty value to remove the property.

score-compose run -f score.yaml --override-property metadata.my-service=

For more information, please refer to the score-compose examples library.